Blending Images in Adobe Photoshop CS2

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to blend two or more images together to make a banner.

You will need to open up the graphics program you will be using. I highly recommend Adobe Photoshop CS2. Once you’ve opened up your program you will need to create a new document. You can set the width and height to any size that you desire. Throughout this tutorial, I will be using a 700 x 400 pixel document with the background white.

Next, you will need to select the images you will want to use. I’ve selected to use the very popular, Hayden Panettiere from the TV show; Heroes. I chose three images of her from her recent photo shoot with OK Magazine. Once you’ve got open your images, you will need to resize them all so they all will be able to fit onto your blank document. After you’ve resized them, you will need to copy and paste them into the blank document. When you have them pasted on the new document, move the images around until you like where you have them. Each image should be layered on top of each other. I usually have my middle image on top of my images on the side.

Now your images are layered, right? Our next step is to blend them together. There are many ways to blend images together. Some people choose to use the eraser tool, the masking tool, or even the selection tool. I like to use my eraser tool or masking, but whatever you know the best I recommend you use.

During this tutorial, I will be using the eraser tool since it is the easiest tool of all. Select the eraser tool, once you have that selected at the top toolbar there will be a drop-down menu next to the word “Brush”. Select the drop down menu and a box will appear, you will need to set your eraser tool to 100px, and then set your Hardness to 18%. After you’ve set those, you will need to set the Opacity for your eraser tool to 50%.

Now that you’ve got your settings for your eraser tool all set, you will need to start blending your images together. You will need to erase away the entire excess of the image that you don’t need. Erase the outside of the middle image until you start to see the images blending together.

Once you have the images blended together how you like them. Go to Layer on your top toolbar then select Merge Visible. This will merge all your images together. Once you’ve done that, go to Filter – Sharpen – Sharpen. I usually sharpen my blend one to two times. Next, you will want to go to Layer – Duplicate Layer then set your Blend Mode to Multiply 100%. Duplicate your layer again, and set that layer to Screen 100%. Merge all your layers together again.

From here you can do any type of effects that you want to do. Most people like to use textures, patterns, and coloring to their images. I’ve decided to color my blend and add some fancy text. I went to Layer – New Fill Layer – Solid Color. Once the screen pops up, I’ve selected a color that I like, and selected OK. I usually set my color layer to Screen 100%, but most people like to set theirs to Color 100%.

Next, I created a new layer and added my text. I set my text in a color from the blend, and then I added some Blending Options to it. You can play around with your Blending Effects until you’ve created something you like. Your end result should look like mine.