Improvements For the Latest version Of Photoshop

The new release of Photoshop delivers great new features as well as a bundle of time-saving key improvements. This does not quench the thirst for "amazing and awesome new manipulation features and tools" that many yearn for but they are a valued and much anticipated addition to the time-pressed graphic designers. Adobe no longer views itself as just a mere stand alone application but rather as an integrated suite that allows a user to share and access files and resources as well as have the ability to install apps.

This version offers a formidable solution for missing fonts, it fetches fonts from TypeKit where and when available which makes it much more easier to get the font directly in the menu font selection.

The new release of Photoshop also focuses on 3D imaging enhancements as well as 3D printing. It delivers a host of enhanced features and improvements Most notably the 3DPI readers which includes printing support this is bound to enrich the user's digital imaging experience.

The linked Smart Objects is definitely good news as it allows for the manipulation of the same object in multiple files and have the changes flow and reflect to each document thus saving time. This works properly with certain file types such as PDF's , raw photo images and illustrator files. Additionally, a user can use linked Smart Objects to reduce the size of a Photoshop file thus saving disk space on his computer.

This version also has Perspective warp that allows easy and fast manipulation of various perspective of a given image while keeping the rest of the image the same. A user can use this feature to change an image's view point, correct distortions or change a wide angle into a telephoto lens shot and vice-versa. Users will find this an incredibly easy way of combining images with various and different vanishing points.

It also includes other improvements ,updates and enhancements such as boosts for Smart Sharpen using the Mercury Graphics Engine, Adobe Generator enhancements which can be used to re scale Smart Objects and enhanced font transformations.

There is a reason why Photoshop remains top of its game and the market leader. This new version is definitely easy too work with and with other CC apps. The improved time saving and easy to work with enhancements and the TypeKit integration makes this something worth your while.